E Coop provides us with a big visual for the “Hellfire” record. With this type of direction, nothing is stopping the righteous attitude. Also, the visual is awesome. Not one of our favorite flows, of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin emcee, but the songwriting and experimentation are way up. He’s got some lines in there. Expect even bigger improvements from this young artist, soon. Cream City Motion always keeps a unit. The North is Cold. Come stupid, that K might get ya froze up. Let’s get it.

“That nigga sound just like a jackpot
That AK work his magic, just like math do
Before these rounds hit your face, just give it up
Make a nigga freeze up, drop that Styrofoam cup
I was raised out The 4, muthafucka, think I’m tough
King Kong in the field, clutching on these monkey nuts”