This “PAM” record has some jump to it. Check it out. Simple stylistically, with the Camcorder, but a quality piece of basement art nonetheless. Earlly Mac is hailing from Detroit, Michigan, and he has the cold bars of The North, especially.

One part goes sumn like this:

“If it’s grabbing by the pussy, we should choke up Trump

Glad I could hit the store and could get more than one
But I’m mad I couldn’t get the Porsche, they want a quarter for em
You need fifty for the order form
Shit I need to get busy, if I’ma order more
Shit you need to get with me, if we gon order two
Her credit good, her head good, I don’t know what to do
I’m a out cold killer on the mothafuckin loose
If I take a fall, I’ma never spill the juice
Rich Gemini, had to hustle up for two
Stash money in the basement, make the money raise the roof, damn”