The bold Madison, Wisconsin artist Jay Jupiter cooked up the “No More” production with his associate Evan “Sweez” Millard. An AFGM collaboration.

Jay Jupiter is known for his brutal honesty and outside of rapping and acting, he’s a natural comedian. Women are a hot topic item for the triple threat. He likes to turn up and see where it goes.

Aka Swisher Sweez, the student-athlete originally moved up North to play football for Wisconsin. He took a break from school, and released a grip of music with AFGM, but recently went back to UW and finished his education as a film student. The pair present the “No More” extended music video under the rapper-cinematographer’s Stale Face Media banner.

Lisa Jenelle co-stars alongside Jay Jupiter. Jesse Lester, who I first heard on a J.T. Roach collab, features on the song in the mini-movie.

Originally packaged and sold exclusively in the streets, the online counterpart for the extended music video was available for stream on February 8, 2016.