Rapper-producer Martin $ky got the close-up from ELEVATOR in his newest “Self” video (September 29, 2015). I’ve been fucking with Martin for a minute now, so it’s cool to see the kid get some much deserved camera time.

This beat is total anarchy. Chaos. This cat is in a hole nother lane with these god-body beats. He fills them with grime and death, only to flip em right back into kick back music at the blink of an eye. Blink an eye watching the “Self” video, and you’ll miss some cool double-exposure effects from director Bryan Zawlocki.

In the future, I hope to differentiate between Martin $ky, Travi$ Scott and A$AP Rocky.

“People mad at me cause I’ve been on myself
Grinding all day and all night to get the wealth
I gotta kill it every day, I can’t help
I’m putting on for the fam, I’m so self”