Moses has returned (February 29, 2016). Milwaukee’s premiere producer has returned in the form of an adventurous boy in his latest video for “Run”. The doppelganger boy finds some clothes in a box and gets the inspiration to explore in em. The young loner does increasingly weirder shit in the clothes, and eventually finds himself in a black lit room splattered with glow paint, battling other glow monsters. As the trippy Hip Hop takes different turns, so does the kid.

Eventually, we find out this is Moses. “This song was inspired by the chaos in my mind,” he wrote in the description. “Dealing with a lot of issues”. The spacey Boom Bap producer spent some time producing for emcee Sean Smart in Higher Education, during and a few years after he went to Madison Media Institute. Moses has seen many huge successes by way of his music, but like his ex-collaborator Sean, he has a way of his own. The “Run” record is dedicated to Moses’ boy Pat, who passed last year. Check back for the artist’s upcoming debut album Not Quite Vegas on March 14, 2016.

Premiered on Breaking and Entering.