These two Midwest artists remixed the popular “White Iverson” beat in a more Trap-friendly fashion. Smoke and Ike are feeling like “Smoke Malone”. Smoke is what folks say in the Chicago region to denote that pack, that loud, that quality marijuana. Don’t come between CBE and the green. Smoke will “let this chopper go, burn ya like you’re Usher,” as he says on the remix record.

Like Chaos NewMoney, these rappers keep the track heavily auto-tuned and grab Niko Money for the visuals. Ike recently filmed a “Jumpman Freestyle” video with Chaos and the CME director. He just dropped his I Know Everything mixtape too. Here, he says:

“I’m smoking this loud, I know you smell my aroma
Still got them old bricks, like to park in Monona
Don’t love these hoes, I just tell em that
Know I lie, like I stay on The Drive
I don’t ever ever tell em that”