The Boom Bap emcee “practices mastery” in his latest visual for “Rain” (December 21, 2015). The Pledge Empire artist keeps knocking out tracks with his old school flows. His visuals are always intricate too. He and the team are working for it. Sti-Lo Reel is a positive role model for his community and that allots for zero days off.

Martial Law is out now. Sti-Lo will need his own style to make it to the next level and that will come with the grind. This “Rain” beat reminds me way too much of Linkin Park. The Minneapolis rapper’s head is in the right place but he’ll need more to take off. It sounds like Sti-Lo wants to incorporate EDM. These beats sound more like out of place Beverly Hills Cop soundtracks. The tail end of the tape is the coldest – “Black Power” through “The Sword”. Keep grinding.