Trebino has a nonstop flow. This Mad City Drill artist recently dropped a very solid #BinoBusiness tape and this “Trappin n Rappin” standout perfectly typifies his relentless style (October 4, 2015). Today, I caught up with the emcee that just won’t stop.

Bino linked up with Niko Money through his older brother. “That’s big bro,” he says. The artist wasn’t satisfied with the first video he did for this record so he re-shot it with the Camera God. The two are already looking forward to their next visual – “Familar”. According to Bino, “Trappin n Rappin” was more of a freestyle type video, whereas “Familar” will have more of a storyline.

Trebino reps 608 Music with Ra’Shaun, producer Xyz and engineer-rapper A.G. In-house producer Xyz laced the beat for “Trappin n Rappin”.

“I’ve been jugging off trapping and rapping
I don’t know what the fuck happened
I was off xani and she was off addy
She gave me brain and couldn’t stop like an addict
These niggas talking like they want the action
You come in our way, we can make this happen
I can’t be lacking, my bro got the ratchets
So I’m gonna relax with these hoes on my mattress”