WebsterX delivers another top shelf visual, courtesy of Cody Laplant & Damien Blue (April 19, 2016). Hard to tell whether “Everything” or “Lately” is more epic. The rapper-actor crash lands in the forest in the visual, similar to his previous visual. This draws the attention of an introverted youngster, who’s doodling a tribal African mask on his homework at school. The two link up in the woods and WebsterX gives the kid the mask, powering him up, as the paparazzi snaps photos of the injured artist. WebsterX hits the Q the Sun beat with his Kid Cudi flow, giving the track a spacey feel.

The emcee, along with Cody and Damien, were recently featured in the “Wisconsin Soul” piece on HipHopDX. And although this artist quite childishly expressed his dissatisfaction with the piece – largely over personal opinions and false information – KidX is still a big part of the Milwaukee scene.

“Why you think we light all these dro sticks
Why you think a nigga transitioned from a fro pick
I don’t even know but you know this
Hocus Pocus, finesse a fade in a focus
I don’t even know bout you…
And everything is everything
Even up on Saturn’s rings, answering about all the simple things”